Uses for stained glass

People find various ways to bring beauty and changes to various things that surround them. One of the coolest thing that changes the appearance of a place is the use of stained glasses. This is an art that started a long time ago since middle ages. It makes spectacular view when you decorate your premises or home bringing the ambiance that we would want visitors to feel and also transforming the entire mood from the surrounding. Stained glass has thousands of applications but here are just a few uses that you can implement.


Privacy is an important aspect that everyone needs. This can be achieved when you install custom designed stained glasses in places where privacy is needed in your home such as bathroom thus eliminating the need for installing shades and blinds. The glasses are waterproof and can be used in entrances such as front doors and also used as sidelights without affecting the light entering the rooms.

Doors and Windows

You can include incorporation of stained glass on your door and window panes without necessarily replacing the existing panes. This saves you a lot of cash, you can request for custom stained glasses that fit your personal needs. This improves your home decor transforming the overall appearance. The glasses can also regulate the amount of light entering the indoors thus offering you the desired light intensity.

Antique Hanging Pieces

You can purchase custom antique pieces made of stained glasses. These pieces improve your home decor and are excellent when hanged on the walls. The pieces also offer an excellent sensation and a unique feeling that defines your status and styles. They can be made of different sizes and shape depending on your purpose while at the same time enabling improving light intensity from various colors that intensify your room.

Public Places and Church

Stained glasses have an excellent history in public places and churches where they have been in use for a long time. They come in different and colors that offer the best appearance and a sense of conservative. There are many designs, styles and shapes you can choose from whereby you can check from your local stained glass designers and consult them and you can anything made for you.

Wall Art

You can have glass stained wall arts to hang on the walls of your home. These art collections play an important role in defining your home exposure. You can also purchase a custom made light boxes made of stained glass to improve the light intensity. These light boxes can be used in places where there is no adequate lighting, or there are no windows. They use LED lighting which consumes less power thus energy efficient.

The Skylights

Stained glasses offer the best appearance when used in a skylight. These skylights change the colors at regular intervals creating a beautiful pattern that makes a huge impact on the overall home decor. These are just a few applications, but you can go ahead and purchase the custom made stained glass garden panels, glass mosaic, fused glass drawer pulls, mirrors all made of beautiful glass stained applications.



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