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Famous Stained Glass

A stained glass window is a window composed of multiple colored glasses, assembled by means of weights, representing scenes, characters, symbols. It became, in the West, from the Middle Ages, an artistic expression very used in architecture and more particularly in the religious buildings, borrowing the techniques of painting and ceramics.

History of stained glass
Glass is made since ancient times (at the time by mixing ash and sand, heated to high temperature in an oven). The glasses used for stained glass are generally colored in the mass, at the time of melting of the silica, by addition of metal oxides, or covered with vitrifiable paints baked. Various techniques have been used (paint applied with a brush, fixed with a second firing, at about 600 � C, then enamels provide a wider range of colors and allowing their mixing on the same glass). The window of 6 th century at least. St. Vital of Ravenna and the Hagia Sophia of Constantinople had colored stained glass windows.

It is from the 12 th century stained glass has really taken its importance. For example, the creation of three large stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral dates from about 1150. Thereafter, the window has been up and down, before returning to honor the 19 th and especially the 20 th , the famous painters having been attracted by stained glass, like Braque and Chagall.
A number of glassmakers are known specialists, very few of the general public.
Manufacture of stained glass
She understands:
the cutting of glasses according to the chosen drawing,
the assembly of these various parts using welded lead cords,
the realization of panels inserting in the windows,
the sealing of the panels in the openings.
Stained glass windows in Europe
The most famous are:
in Spain: Leon,
in Germany: Cologne,
in England: Canterbury, York
in Switzerland: Königsfelden,
in France: Chartres and Bourges.
Famous French stained glass
The Cathedral of Chartres has the most beautiful collection of stained glass windows in France, representing 5000 characters.
The cathedral of Bourges is considered as the second French building for the number, the interest and the antiquity of its windows.

The cathedral of Metz has the largest area of ​​stained glass in France (6500 m2), including many stained glass Chagall.

All the other great Gothic cathedrals , such as Amiens, Reims, Rouen, N.-D. from Paris, have beautiful stained glass windows.

The Sainte-Chapelle, in Paris, was built between 1239 and 1248 at the request of St. Louis to receive the crown of thorns of Christ, and a fragment of the cross. It was designed more as a museum for relics and stained glass than as a building for celebrating mass. There is a large number of stained glass windows, the interest being more the quantity than the quality of each of them.

The Le Mans cathedral has a set of eight novels windows of the 12 th century, the most important is the window of the Ascension, which dates from about 1120; he represents the apostles and Mary watching Jesus ascend to heaven.

The Cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand , built in lava stone, unique for a cathedral, has an interesting collection of stained glass, from 12 th to 20 th century.



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Uses for stained glass

People find various ways to bring beauty and changes to various things that surround them. One of the coolest thing that changes the appearance of a place is the use of stained glasses. This is an art that started a long time ago since middle ages. It makes spectacular view when you decorate your premises or home bringing the ambiance that we would want visitors to feel and also transforming the entire mood from the surrounding. Stained glass has thousands of applications but here are just a few uses that you can implement.


Privacy is an important aspect that everyone needs. This can be achieved when you install custom designed stained glasses in places where privacy is needed in your home such as bathroom thus eliminating the need for installing shades and blinds. The glasses are waterproof and can be used in entrances such as front doors and also used as sidelights without affecting the light entering the rooms.

Doors and Windows

You can include incorporation of stained glass on your door and window panes without necessarily replacing the existing panes. This saves you a lot of cash, you can request for custom stained glasses that fit your personal needs. This improves your home decor transforming the overall appearance. The glasses can also regulate the amount of light entering the indoors thus offering you the desired light intensity.

Antique Hanging Pieces

You can purchase custom antique pieces made of stained glasses. These pieces improve your home decor and are excellent when hanged on the walls. The pieces also offer an excellent sensation and a unique feeling that defines your status and styles. They can be made of different sizes and shape depending on your purpose while at the same time enabling improving light intensity from various colors that intensify your room.

Public Places and Church

Stained glasses have an excellent history in public places and churches where they have been in use for a long time. They come in different and colors that offer the best appearance and a sense of conservative. There are many designs, styles and shapes you can choose from whereby you can check from your local stained glass designers and consult them and you can anything made for you.

Wall Art

You can have glass stained wall arts to hang on the walls of your home. These art collections play an important role in defining your home exposure. You can also purchase a custom made light boxes made of stained glass to improve the light intensity. These light boxes can be used in places where there is no adequate lighting, or there are no windows. They use LED lighting which consumes less power thus energy efficient.

The Skylights

Stained glasses offer the best appearance when used in a skylight. These skylights change the colors at regular intervals creating a beautiful pattern that makes a huge impact on the overall home decor. These are just a few applications, but you can go ahead and purchase the custom made stained glass garden panels, glass mosaic, fused glass drawer pulls, mirrors all made of beautiful glass stained applications.



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Where did stained glass originate?

Glass is a fragile substance that can be easily damaged in many ways. Apart from chipping and cracking, stained glass is also prone to damage from a chemical dissolution of the elements and exposure to sun, moisture, wind, and frost. This fragility necessitates the restoration of old stained glass work. The processes involved in the restoration of stained glass are similar to those required for creating one. However, there are a few essential differences to be kept in mind.

The first stained glass came into use in the 7th century in England, and by the 12th century, it had come to a common art form. By 1540s become common in churches and mosques. In 17th-century architect, A W N Pugin and Charles Winston helped improve the quality of stained glass. Currently, almost all churches and cathedrals have a stained glass window. Their craftsmanship and quality have improved.

In restoration work, both the style of the original work and the techniques used have to be taken into consideration. Secondly, restoration work should begin with an accurate estimate of the damage and what needs to be done. Thirdly, in restoration work, you will have to preserve the undamaged part and just fit in, repair, or replace the damaged portion. This has to be done with more care than a fresh work. A lot more precision will be needed to fit in the replacing new piece into the original framework. Above all, in a fresh project, there’s nothing to lose other than what you have created. In a restoration project, you run the risk of damaging or even destroying an existing piece; the extent of the resulting loss depends on the antiquity and value of the item concerned.

The actual procedure and steps involved in restoration work will depend a lot on the item that you are restoring, the nature and extent of damage, and the age of the damaged piece. However, there are a few things common to all restoration work. The first step in any restoration attempt is to clean the item carefully and remove the damaged portions. Usually, these are broken or chipped, and it is helpful to reassemble them to obtain an idea of the original piece. This could also be your template for making a new piece. After you have prepared the new piece, you will have to check for size and fit and make adjustments. Once the new piece is ready in all respects, solder it in place and clean the entire item. If the original piece was painted, you might have to paint the new piece in tandem with the original.

Stained glass panels can be used to enhance your windows and walls. Stained glass panels are one of the most frequently chosen types of stained glass projects. The versatility in design, size, and shape are key factors in popularity. Glass panels can be inserted into window frames, transoms, cabinets, doors, sidelights, as well as used to adorn windows and walls. The design of a panel is unlimited. Any subject or design comes alive by using different colors of glass, textures, and dimensions. Although glass panels are one dimensional, using overlays, wire and 3-dimensional objects (IE. shells, plates, layers, etc.) your panel can have a 3-dimensional appearance. There is no issue with size and shape because you design your panel to fit the exact shape and size you need. If you can dream it, you can build it.




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What is stained glass?

Stained Glass is the collection of glass bits of different hues into a single level plane, held together by leads and settled for all time in a casing. Glass paint and stains are included and remain there forever without being deleted because they are terminated onto the surface before coating. Stained glass is two-dimensional and for the most part fantastic in scale, since it is consolidated into structures and historical points.

Stained glass has been an essential type of craftsmanship all finished Europe for quite a while. It started close to the Carolingian Empire and grew first in Germany. From that point, it spread to neighboring nations, to France, Italy, and Spain. Numerous early works manage the topic of religion or have at any rate some religious hints. Notwithstanding, today there are stained glass works that are conceptual in their style.

A standout amongst the most captivating things about stained glass is that it has to a great extent stayed in place from its unique shape and area because the vast majority of the chronicled landmarks couldn’t be taken away to exhibition halls or private accumulations gave their size. In all actuality, that does not imply that every one of them is in incredible condition – numerous are harmed, ignored, reestablished, or experienced radical re-arranging – but since they are a piece of a whole building, they are typically settled there forever and in any event safe from being lost. They are pretty much out in the open structures and aesthetic yet utilitarian since they have the capacity of keeping out the climate yet letting in the light. Subsequently more regularly than private craftsmanship sweethearts, the state or the congregation were frequently backers of such tasks.

A few people trust that the Christian idea of numerous European stained glass works are hard to come nearer from a non-religious point of view – nonetheless, considering it to be fine art, the topic is by all accounts of auxiliary significance to its tasteful esteem (despite the fact that obviously what a fine art is attempting to depict is likewise vital). It resembles taking a gander at old statues of Greece and Rome; when you take a gander at “Venus de Milo,” you don’t think about the trustworthiness of polytheism; you simply value the work as it seems to be.

A few people surmise that stained glass is pretty much only a semi-straightforward painting. In any case, applying the models of painting ought to be maintained a strategic distance from, since the medium of glass is unique. Subsequently one ought to be cautious of utilizing vocabulary ordinarily utilized for works of art. Stained glass is a novel type of masterful articulation.

One of a kind Uses of Stained Glass

Think about utilizing stained glass over a mirror. The reflection causes an intriguing impact. It’s extraordinary and extremely excellent.

Stained glass is additionally pleasant to use for glass light votives or on clear glass or fiberglass light shades.

Utilized as suncatchers, for example, butterflies, blossoms, plants and other fascinating bright regions of nature stained glass add eccentricity to a room.

Shouldn’t something is said about Stained Glass Windows on Doors?

The clear sloped glass is regular on front entryways. Ordinarily, on the front windows of a home, individuals will utilize clear or pearly glass with no shading.

A hall window can hinder the sun while utilizing next to no shading by utilizing iced, pearl and gold translucent stained glass pieces in the outline.

On a kitchen window shading is a pleasant expansion. The plan may incorporate some unmistakable zones so you can watch out the kitchen window if necessary now and again. Suncatchers are an awesome decision for kitchen windows.





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How To Make A Stained Glass Window

To influence recolored to glass, you will first need to prepare the apparatuses and materials. You’ll require a worktable and a couple of instruments. These will incorporate a glasscutter for cutting the glass, forceps, shears, and fastening iron.

The primary thing that you’ll require is an example for cutting the glass. Make the example on following paper and cut out the layouts. It’s a smart thought to make two duplicates of the example with the goal that you can utilize one duplicate to cut the formats and the other duplicate to put on the work piece to perceive how it fits. You can likewise specifically attract the examples on to the glass utilizing a ball pen.

Place the example pieces on the glass, utilizing a cement to secure them set up. Cut the glass along the lines of the example. Cutting takes mind. On the off chance that important, rehearse on squander glass. Backpedaling over a cut ought to be evaded, as this would harm the wheel. Delicately tap or draw to isolate the pieces.

In the wake of cutting, the edges of the pieces ought to be ground or rubbed with emery paper to make them smooth. Place the pieces as indicated by the example and guarantee that they fit together appropriately.

The subsequent stage is to cut and fit segments of lead around the cut glass pieces. Guarantee that there are no holes between lead joints.

The following stage is to weld the pieces. Clean the joints and apply transition to the joints. Bind the pieces with the welding iron. To begin with bind one side of the board and afterward turn it around and patch the opposite side.

Did you realize that you could make recolored glasses at home? All you require are some fundamental materials and heaps of innovativeness. Put resources into some valuable instruments like a glasscutter with tungsten, a carbide wheel, lathekin, welding iron, work board, a glass marker, push pins, and so on.

Purchase defensive dress like eyeglasses, gloves and so on. There are high odds of glass chipping and hitting your eyes and skin. There are 3 primary classifications of glass: Cathedral, Opalescent lastly Sheet Antique Glass. In the wake of choosing the sort of glass you need, draw an example of your decision. Ensure you make a copy duplicate too. Presently cut the examples. Place them on the glass and follow them with a glass marker.

Next, utilize a glasscutter to cut the glass into various bits of examples. Isolate each glass design with glass forceps. You can utilize your hand too. Orchestrate them on your work board. Utilize pushpins to influence them to remain set up. Cut the edges if important. Ensure every one of the pieces fit flawlessly with the other. Presently, thwart each glass design. Smoothen the thwart and clean with lathekin. Gather distinctive sorts out. At that point brush motion everywhere throughout the thwart. Liquefy weld over the thwart with a binding iron. Flip the welded glass over, and afterward bind the opposite side as well. From that point, clean the glass with a glass more clean. Your recolored glass is prepared!

At long last, the board should be altogether cleaned. Utilize an appropriate cleaning medium and a scouring brush to perfect and clean the surface so it looks shimmering clean. You may likewise need to or need to paint the recolored glass piece.




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